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Public Art Work:
As a socially responsible art organization we believe that from long time society take arts (specially visual art) as a tool of entertainment only. A good painting is only made for purpose of decoration and hanged out on the wall of hotel, office, and home. We always feel something different what visual art can deliver.. some thing what call community service through an art, some thing what art can be initiated as public awareness tool for society’s burring problems. And from last 12 year this is the most creative formation and feature of CCIAA.

In May 1995 Creative Campus created 250 feet long live painting as first road show to create public awareness towards environment awareness on the main road of the city; involving more then 200 child artists. And from then CCIAA have organized more then 25 road shows through out the world including world’s largest finger painting and enter in the Guinness World Record 2003. The world record holding event painting was on the theme of world peace.
Images of our innovative public art awareness projects - India , Canada , Uk
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