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Community Work :
Help homeless family to protect from cold this winter..

In 2010 census, the number of homeless in that Ahmedabad city were counted at 23,000.

It getting cold in city, our moral duty ask us to do something for this homeless people.

One blanket cost less then £2.00 or $4.00 planning to distribute 10000 blanket in next month. Would you like to help?

Every little help !!!

Help homeless this winter appeal.

Thanks to all of you we have raised almost 1,35,000 rs. I can only ensure you all to 100% and very effective use of this money. 

It will give almost 500 family a warm winter we are also plan to support some cancer effected needy people and some physically challenge people.

May god bless you and give more and more strength to help more people in future.
Why are they poor ....and homeless? Why I am not amongst them ? What did I do differently to get somewhat blessed life ? The person who contributes to society from very young age cant ever afford house ....and a person like me who does nothing but study some useless (?)books can get it all - Can I really Justify what I get ? What can I do for them ? Or rather Can I help anyone at least in my life time - these were my questions before meeting them .... Now my questions are different , From where do they get this ingenuity? How they can hide their worries behind a smile which comes directly from heart ? How enthusiastically they can show the things they got like 'smiley piggy bank' or sweater last winter from club ? How they preserved their innocence in daily chores ? Questions are unlimited and now i have stopped searching for the answers
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