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Activities :
Creative Campus Arts International has delivered many ground-breaking and innovative activities across the world whilst at the forefront of winning projects.
CCIAA’s Innovative Activities Throughout the World -
CCIAA has always been in the forefront of activities in pursuit of its set goals. Never say die is its dictum. That is the reason why it has been more vigorous in its activities. Look at the galaxy of its activities over the past years. And most of them are ongoing for foreseeable future.
Sunday School for Physically and Mentally Challenged People:
Creative campus at Ahmedabad in India, is a registered charitable trust running Sunday school for physically and mentally challenged people from 1999 till date. Every Sunday more then 60 members from different cities come and involve themselves in the various art activities which is free for all of them.
Images of workshop from Sunday School for Physically Challenged people - India
Innovative Creative Art Camps:
Innovated promoted and developed the novel concept of ART CAMPS for children.

Lets try one simple experiment – give a plane paper and colours to 10 people and ask them to draw, you will find most of them will paint a triangle as mountain and some trees and half circle for sun between the mountain and a river…Do you know why ? because it is our academic system which teach us drawing. We as a creative organization believe that we should not teach an art; rather bring art out of the soul of the child and to prove this we invented a innovative concept of Art Camps which is first of its kind in the province in 1999 at mount Abu. From then twice in a year we organized a camp - an ART CAMP at the natural place like at the mountain or forest, and let art come out through the soul of children and then they paint the real mountain, real tree and put their imagination in it. Believe us, it works and we successfully organized more then 15 Art Camps through out the India and among an international Camp in 2010 at Scotland UK.

We have innovated, promoted and developed the novel concept of ART CAMPS for children in the age group 3-12 years.
Images from various art camps around the world
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